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Helderziende Lezingen ("Clairvoyant Readings")


Helderziende Lezingen ("Clairvoyant Readings") is primarily a website for Belgium and Holland, although international readings are available via Skype, email and post. This websites is currently (Nov 2011) approaching 400 pages with ongoing editing of daily angel messages over the duration of 1 year. Possible future developments may include printable angel affirmation cards, and graphics work - e.g. various seeds for the daily messages rather than 1 repeated seed. Helderziende Lezingen, "Clairvoyant Readings", is (currently and subject to the ever changing online landscape) the top of page 1 for the search term "Helderziende Belgie", literally translated as: "Clairvoyant Belgium", as well as successfully placed around page 1 for other search terms. The website directly results in multiple paid readings each week as well as other profitable events - e.g. paid lectures / seminars and the daily messages have large viewing audiences. The new English sister site is currently (Nov 2011) becoming established.